Celebrities honour great mums in style

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Artiste MC Japolo celebrates his mother.

Mother’s Day might not be the only time we celebrate our mothers, we appreciate them every day for everything that they do and for bringing us forth. 

But on Mother’s Day, they get to feel how truly they are honoured and appreciated. For being best friends, confidants and the support systems. In line with this year’s Mother’s Day celebrations, celebrities countrywide are honouring mothers for supporting their careers.

Being raised by a single mother in Nairobi’s Eastlands is not an easy task. For Kennedy Ombima; popularly known as King Kaka, his mother saw him through his days in school.

Special day

 “My mother is a strong woman who raised three boys single-handedly. My Queen Elizabeth never showed us when things were really tough, she would always put up a brave face. She changed my life through her tenacity, hardwork and determination. She has taught me so much, I cannot even put into words. Mama, blessings to you for life wewe ni mtrue” he says.

King Kaka who is one of the region’s most endorsed artistes by the corporate world, has managed to build a business network that employed more than 10 people through the Kaka Empire brand. He is a qualified accountant and plays that role most often in his company. Recently he posted on social media what he calls one of his biggest achievements.

“One day I came home from school and Kanjo had placed a very big padlock because we couldn’t afford to pay Sh 500 for rent,. I promised my mom that in the future, I will buy her a house. Fast forward four days ago, we just prayed in the living room of this house that I built for her. The sounds of a testimony and I am happy that she has a place she can call home. Thank you mom for putting on a brave face over the years even when I knew things were not okay. Be blessed. To all the believers, it’s possible! And God is Love,” he stated.

Just like King Kaka, Super Luo Festival official MC- MC Japolo is celebrating this year’s Mother’s Day by gifting his mother a house. 

“What makes me feel  she is  the queen to me is the struggles  I have  seen her undergo, just to ensure that we lack nothing, Raising  six children and taking them to school single handedly  isn’t  a joke. She encourages  me on my career by her being my first fan. I am celebrating this special day through the gift I had promised her earlier; a decent house,” he says. 

In a decade or so before music became a ‘cool’ thing, it was associated with all manner of menace in the society. For example Hip-hop music was associated with drugs and thuggery as portrayed in most Western countries rap music.

So when Europe based hip-hop head Jay Maumau; a second generation of the famous Ukoo Flani Maumau hip-hop group, told his mother that apart from his excellence is music and academics, his other love was hiphop, and not just as music, but as a lifestyle.

“That was when hip-hop music was associated with drugs and although I was good in football and class work, I knew deep that hip-hop was my thing. I would be a rapper, hip-hop influencer and also business person. That is what I wanted to do and my mother supported me on condition that I excelled in academics,” he adds,

As the whole world celebrate mothers, , Kenyan reggae songstress Cathy Matete is joining in by celebrating her mother with a song that has just been released- Praises to Mama, currently taking over the airwaves. The song Cathy shares is dedicated to not only her mom, but other mothers in the world too. “I am honouring my mother for being there for me when life wasn’t so easy. She has been my pillar in times when I was almost giving up on myself. It was difficult for me to join university because of financial constraints in the family but she never let me feel left out, until it was time for me to finally join University’” she says. 

Great mother

She adds: “She is always reassuring us that life is what we make of it and that the present is not worth comparing with what is to come.  This song praises her for the many hats she wears in my life. My prayer warrior, my adviser, my comforter and friend. Praises to Mama is here to remind us of the “Queen Mother’s” role in society. A true goddess worth honouring,” shares the songbird.

Fast rising Mombasa based songstress, Nasha Travis is the firstborn and the only girl in a family of 4. Her mother-Jane Muthoni Ngige has been her number one supporter since she started her musical journey by investing in her career. 

“I might have another manager but my mother is definitely the main. She is the most hardworking woman I know and my everything. She supports my music by paying for everything my recording sessions, videos and everything  I need. At the same time paying my school fees. So yes, I just celebrate her for everything she has done for me since childhood. She is my number one fan and listens to my music every day,” shares the songstress who intimated to be planning a surprise spoil for her mother.

Kisumu based benga artist; Apesi Mnyama Mkali shares that he is celebrating both his mother and wife. He says his mother joined motherhood at a very tender age and did all in her might to give him the best she could.

“I am so thankful to God for giving me such a great mother. I am so lucky and blessed to have you as my mother. I will always love you mum. She saw me grow up and she has been always there for me ...she is the only one who really understands me. She has been part of  my life ever since I was born..She got me at a young age which makes me love her more, she had a reason to get rid of me but she didn’t,” says Apesi.

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