Faith and favour: Where did this love story begin?

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Saturday, September 18th, 2021 00:00 | 2 mins read
Damaris Wanja and Gilbert Wachira.

Marcella Akinyi

Where did this love story begin?

Gilbert: We met at a photo studio in Nairobi CBD. Being a photographer, I was a regular customer at the studio.

One day, one of her colleagues requested me to assist her in opening a Gmail and Facebook account.

That’s how we connected, as she gave me all her details honestly. Slowly, we became friends for three years without thinking of dating.

One day, she asked me why I don’t go to church and I promised that I would on Christmas day, of which I didn’t, as I was finishing a client’s work.

She told me that she was looking for someone with whom she could grow in faith, and also a partner in life.

That is when our friendship changed to dating. On our first date, we went to a restaurant. We dated for three years before I proposed.

Tell us about the proposal

I was simple and minimal in my proposal. I had planned with some of my friends to surprise her, so I invited her to come with me for a client’s photo shoot and after work, I proposed to her.

How challenging or easy was it planning the wedding?

Having been with so many couples and watched them planning their wedding, I knew that things wouldn’t be easy, as I have seen how taxing it can be.

I was lucky though, that being a wedding photographer, it was easy to find suppliers, since I interact with some and I knew their work.

I was also particular with the kind of service I wanted, having attended a lot of weddings.

I chose Willy Muturi, my good friend, as a photographer, since I have worked with him and knew that I needed perfect shots for my big day, and I was right on the money, as he outdid himself.

In addition, we set up a committee to assist us in planning and coordination on the day of the wedding.

Finding a venue that could accommodate our budget was the challenging bit.

What do you remember most of your big day?

I was emotional, I couldn’t imagine the day had come and that everything went as planned.

Watching her walk down the aisle, looking beautiful in her gown, made me so emotional, and I thank God that the day went well. We had our finances on time, and our suppliers didn’t disappoint.

We also had our friends and family there with us, watching me say ‘I do’ to the love of my life. The weather too was great.

The couple with their children.

Advice to couples planning their wedding?

As a wedding service provider myself, and also as one who has been through it, I would advise couples to start looking for wedding suppliers early.

It gives you ample time to check and sample their work, so that you are not disappointed on D-day.

Above all, put God first and work within your means. Remember, a wedding is just an event, while marriage is ‘till death do us part’.