Five types people you meet on dating platforms

Monday, February 24th, 2020 17:52 | By

A couple of decades ago, courtship was basic; you notice the person, court the person and talk about marriage.

Then come the internet and all things digital, love letters evolved to texts and thanks to technology which has changed the way people meet and fall in love.

Technology has changed how people date by bringing potential suitors right to your screens making them just one text or call away.

Online dating has quickly become a reliable model of meeting potentials, and although it is linked to catfishing and infidelity, there are still some genuine people out there and in these platforms that are genuinely looking for love.

Once you decide that you are open to online dating, you should know that you are likely interact and meet with different people with different and sometimes weird personality.

These people have their own different ways of some are subtle and others are the opposite and they all approach dating differently.

Here is a list of a couple of personalities you might come across in dating apps.

1. The nudists

These are probably the worst if you are looking for something meaningful; they always say they are looking for fun but not sex to be precise.

The nudist always starts small, they will ask for your picture even if you have a profile photo.

Nudists have a thing for nudity and in no time they will request nude or semi nude pictures and if audacious enough, a video call.

The bold ones send even unsolicited pictures of their private parts. These kinds of people have bad idea written all over them, run and hide.

2. The Ghosters

Have you ever met someone you really like, only to have them completely disappear off the face the earth?

They won’t answer your texts, or your calls and you have no idea what went wrong or why they decided to cut off all communication with you.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of guys and girls that will ghost you on dating platforms. Ghosting someone is a really messed up thing to do but I can’t even be too hard on the people who do it because not only has it happened to me, I’ve also done it. 

In most cases people typically ghost people because they don’t have any interest in them anymore. If you do get ghosted, keep your head up; you don’t need to beg to have anyone’s attention. Keep it pushing and move on to the next tinder guy.

3. The chronic liars

The Chronic liars are just con artists, everything they say from the moment the conversation starts is a lie, and even their bio is a lie.

For them, they know what they want and they are willing to lie to get it, they will lie about their residence to their career and age.

If you are careful enough, you won’t miss the signs, one cannot lie forever, and slight contraction to in the story is all the red flag you need.

4. The one-liners

Having a conversation with a one liner individual can be a daunting experience, they are not much of conversationalist so interacting with them can be exhausting and often times boring.

In most cases you will be the one initiating the conversation and going the extra mile to make the conversation lively and in most cases they break the ice then expect you to take the lead.

5. The serious ones

Now its not all bad, awkward and hilarious, many people have met online and went on to bud a relationship that is meaningful.

These kind of people know what they want and are willing to earn it, they are looking for lifetime partners and they make their intentions known from the beginning.

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