Gospel artistes who found strength to walk out of their marriages

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Daddy Owen

Early this year, gospel singer and pastor Joan Wairimu shared news of her failed marriage to Bishop William Mwangangi. The couple got married in 1996 in church and filed for divorce in 2013. Speaking in a detailed YouTube interview, Joan says she remained in the abusive marriage for fear of how people would judge her because she was a public figure.

“For the sake of all people who know  me as a role model, the congregation, it was difficult for me to walk out. I would smile and pretend it was all okay, but I was not because he did all wrongs to me. “He was cheating with church women, beating me and many times, he threatened to kill me,” she added.

Joan relocated to Canada with her children and is the founder of Queens Ministry International.

Gospel singer Loise Kim says her marriage failed when her husband got a visa and went to Britain to look for greener pastures. Their marriage couldn’t stand the test of long distance.

“Unfortunately, we became enemies to an extent of him neglecting me. We stopped talking, and I realised my children’s life and mine depended on me,” she said. She has been a victim of rumour that she had tried committing suicide after her husband left her for a white woman in London.

 After a marriage of seven years and two children, her husband decided to walk out of their marriage, but she managed to create something beautiful out of the ashes of her marriage; a  booming career and a peace of mind and a foundation under her name.

After marrying Eric Omba in 2009, the gospel singer left her husband in 2015 citing infidelity, violence and her husband’s rapacious appetite for money that showed itself on their wedding night.

Gloria intimated that during their wedding night, her husband waited for her to go to the bathroom before he hurriedly went through their wedding gifts and picked money from the envelopes before speedily stashing the money into his pockets.

But that was not all, Eric mistreated her during their first month of marriage where he asked her to follow a strict set of rules and often accused her of things she didn’t do. In addition, he was a control freak who not only blew her money, but also had a wandering crotch and engaged in many extra-marital liaisons. The two have since moved on.

Daddy Owen made headlines in December 2020 after it emerged that his wife of three years, Farida Wambui, was engaged to be married to another man. The Vanity hitmaker shared how he battled depression and was afraid of what  the public would say as everyone expects a man of  God to have a perfect family.  

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