In this age, does fortune-telling still work?

By Sandra Wekesa
Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020
In this age, does fortune-telling still work?
In summary

Seeking advice or  even prediction of life events is not new, but with new tecnology and changing lifestyles, questions arise on whether it is effective.  

Sandra Wekesa @wekesa_sandra

It is very common to hear someone talk about themselves by sun, moon and rising signs, or a couple explaining their compatibility and destiny using astrological events.

Better yet, in today’s society people always categorise themselves under these Zodiac signs in belief it will get to explain their future.

Such is the case with Sheryl Atieno, who believes that astrology plays a major role when it comes to building relationships. 

“I always find it interesting, plus it explains aspects of who we are as individuals depending on when we were born.

For me horoscopes are everything, they make compatible matches, for an instance I can’t date someone who is not within my element or doesn’t share my sign because it will be a disaster,” she says. 

For Sheryl, when it comes to compatibility, there are people who date within their elements, and if they attempt to go out of them, then things just don’t work out. 

“It is said that water signs are compatible with earth sign. And in the case that water (Cancer -people born between June 20- to July 22; Scorpio -October 23- November 22) easyly connect well with fire (Aries -people born between March 20- April 19, Leo July 22-August 22) then, in this case air fuels fire, so they won’t be compatible, For example, if a fire sign dates water sign, water will extinguish the passionate fire sign,” she says.

Myths and misconception 

Unfortunately, many people think this is witchcraft, she says. 

“I always get curious with people’s relationships, especially those around me.

The moment I tell them it won’t work between them and it actually doesn’t, they start assuming I am witch, yet it’s just the Zodiac signs speaking beyond their thoughts,” she adds.

In ancient Mesopotamia, Greece, and the Islamic world, astrology helped people decide when to plant crops and go to war.

It was also used to predict a person’s fate and interpret his character, and answer questions such as, would he have good luck with money? 

While people might think astrologers also help people predict the future like diviners, seers and prophets, Ayub Sharrif, an astrologer, disagrees.

He says modern day astrologers are actually meant to make people understand themselves.

He adds that astrology is the pattern of a person’s life or character, nature that corresponds to the planetary pattern at the moment of his birth.

However, he says, there are many things that can affect how someone is and not just the period they were born, for example, their upbringing, culture, experience, beliefs, and the environment they are exposed to.  

“In this world of uncertainties, such as divorces, it is good to know who you are compatible with through the study of science.

Therefore, with the help of knowledge you can explain why some people are not compatible and this might help someone.

This is not related to predicting the future,” he explains.

While asked if at all getting a stranger to predict about your future actually works, Sharrif says some people could consult because they want assurance that they will be successful.

There are those who might be haunted by spirits that interfere with their lives, making it easier for them to believe any form of consultation they get.

He adds that while some astrologers and fortune tellers might be genuine, there are some who are after money, and this builds a bad reputation for the few that are honest.  

Psychological astrology

Dr Geoffrey Wango, a psychologist says one of the major reasons why people seek solace in knowing more about their future is so that they could be confident in themselves. 

“Most of the time people worry too much about what is going to happen to their future, hence resorting to the divinity process to understand their life’s problems,” he says.

For others, love and compatibility is another reason. Romance, being a common thing, makes many consider horoscopes to tell what the future holds for them.

This helps them to know whether their relationships are going to work out.

However, one thing people fail to understand is some things could be so predictable with past behaviours, that they don’t need anyone to tell them how things will turn out in the future.