Love wins: Where did your love journey start?

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Maureen Nduta Kamau and Stephen Wanjie Ngigi after their great wedding.

Where did your love journey start?

Maureen: It started on January 19, 2016. Then, I was a student, and I rented a house that the company he was working for was managing.

This is how I met him. However, we didn’t start talking immediately after the first encounter.

That came way later when I was house hunting for a friend, and as they say, the rest is history.

Was it a case of love at first sight?

For me it was. I saw “mali safi”, and later realised the feeling was mutual from day one.

Tell us about the proposal

It was in September 2020. That day, I felt like I wanted to meet him, to which he obliged.

Unexpectedly, upon arrival, I saw a ring on the table, and before I could even utter a word, he was on his knee, and I said ‘Yes’.

It took him five years to propose, and it was a perfect private proposal between him and I.

What are your favourite things about your partner?

He is the most loving, kind, understanding, and passionate person. You can never argue with him, and he always finds a way to solve our differences. That’s a spark for me.

Stephen: She is loving, caring, and of course, her beauty.

How long did it take you to plan your wedding, and how was the planning like?

The whole process from the dowry ceremony to the wedding took us 11 months.

For the wedding, it took us seven weeks only, since we wanted it simple but elegant.

It was not easy, because every day counted, but God saw us through. The help of our family and friends made it even much easier.

Is there anything you wish you would have known going into the planning?

No, we had done our homework well on what we wanted. Because of this, our wedding perfectly went the way we wanted.

The good thing is that the outcome was more than what we expected, and we’ll always treasure that day.

What is your favourite memory from your day?

Seeing her walking down the aisle, her parents handing her over to me, and her dad blessing us as we exchanged our vows still remains the most memorable thing.

Maureen: For me, it is when we were signing the certificate and when we were told to dance before he was asked to kiss the bride. The first dance as a married couple melted my heart.

Other couples were also invited to the dance, and it was so beautiful. Love wins always.

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