Money or the game? Use what you’ve got to get her

Friday, May 20th, 2022 07:35 | By
Dating again after recent breakup.

A woman will stay with a man if sex is good or if they have money — truth, however unpalatable.

Unfortunately for the women, it is rare to ­and a man who is both good at sex and wealthy. But whichever side of the equation you are on, do not fret. I have a few tips to help you land the women.

Firstly, improve your sex game. And no, porn will not help you do that. In real life, women do not like sex for 25 hours straight. Half that time, they are probably moaning in a bid to help you ­finish faster.

They might even be praying for supernatural intervention and not calling on the deity because they are overcome with pleasure. Women will also not respect you more if they are unable to walk the following day thanks to your zealous e‑ sorts.

Sex after all is not supposed to feel like mating with a train track. So learn to listen to the woman you are with rather than indulge your ego.

Learn a few tricks. Every time you link up with the boys, do not just drink and discuss your last conquests. Talk about different tricks that made your conquests’ eyes roll back. Stack up these tricks and try them later. Though women are anatomically similar, remember that they are different.

So you might have to tweak these tricks, or completely throw them away. Just look at how your woman responds and act accordingly. Be willing to learn from her.

These girls nowadays know way more tricks than we do. Remember that if you keep her happy in bed, she will probably be happy outside it. You might, therefore, not have the money, but she will be hooked to you and might even start paying your bills with her rich non-performer of a boyfriend’s money.

If you do have the money, use it to secure her. Raise her standards so that she is out of reach for most men. Make her dependent on you so that she fears losing you.

Buy her a car, but have the logbook under your name. Do not buy her a house even if you can a‑ ord it. Rent an expensive place for her so she can never leave you.

If you do not have that kind of buy-an-island in-cash money, use the money you have to grow yourself. There are still plenty of women you can ask to come to your house and promise to cook for them.

Cooking is cheaper than dining out. It also exponentially raises the odds of eating her. The point is, do not go broke or get in debt trying to impress a girl.

If you are really good with words and with your body, you can keep both your money and the girl.

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