One on one with Wanjira Longauer aka WanLuv

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Wanjira Longauer aka WanLuv. PHOTO/Courtesy

Wanjira Longauer aka WanLuv is a Nairobi-based broadcaster, social media influencer, actress, events host and entertainer. She chats with Jackson Onyango on everything pertaining her fashion sense 

What’s a day in the life of a media personality like?

A lot of phone calls, meetings, prepping or doing research for my show, and creating content. I still always manage to make time for friends, family and myself. It’s as important to be busy with business as it is to have a full personal life.

Describe your style?

Funky, eclectic, chill, over-the-top, sexy, feminine, and Tom-boyish. I dress according to my mood and the setting of wherever I’m to be that day or night.

Your most memorable fashion moment is…

The first time I got braids (at 19) and the first time I wore a wig (just a year or so ago). You can look like such a different person and I love that! It’s so much fun to work different looks. I’m very adventurous with style.

Given a chance, which celebrity’s wardrobe would you raid and why?

Rihanna, because she’s everything and her style is impeccable, and Tracee Ellis Ross, because in addition to her own fabulous pieces, she definitely has some of her mum’s stuff in the wardrobe and that’s supremely superb.

What’s your best fashion buy and why?

Anything I steal from my mum’s closet, so she bought it. She’s super stylish herself and we wear the same size, which is terribly convenient on both sides since she sneaks into my closet too. Though I’m too scared to try and take this basically brand new vintage Chanel jacket she thrifted. I also adore my Kenyan buys. We have so many incredible designers. From Bloom’s chic clothing to Hatatian’s unique jewellery pieces to Luxalta’s amazing leather goods and shoes. I’m trying to make my closet as Kenyan as possible by buying Kenyan. My soap is Pink Savannah, my lotion is Karembou Spa pure moisturizing cream, my facewash is Sakura Essentials, and my daily face gel is Luscious Touch. All are worth the buy—100 per cent.

Your worst fashion buy is…

I can’t seem to find peace when I remember I went out and got sneaker heels that were popping for all of five minutes back in the day. Why was that a thing and why’d I buy into it? When I can answer that, I’ll forgive myself.

My go to accessories are …

My Lamu jewellery pieces. They’re my everyday wears. There’s this little shop in Lamu town where you can get the most beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces at a steal. All pure, great quality silver and gold. I get so excited when I’m headed to Lamu because I know I’ll visit it and get something new. Last time I was there, I got this amazing necklace that’s the outline of Kenya, with our flag’s colours across it. I wear it almost every day, as well as the rings I got from there too. One ring, I have it on now, swirls in the centre and reminds me of the ocean, which is my favourite place.

What are your fashion pet peeves in a man?

Fashion is an expression of self, so I can’t really hate on anything. I suppose a pet peeve of mine is ill-fitting clothes (by accident, not oversized pieces). A man in a well-tailored suit is just…(bites lip).

Do you have a signature scent?

I switch up scents all the time. Don’t be married to anything. Change is good and how you get to experience different nice things. However, I do always keep Dolce & Gabbana’s light blue on my dresser. I have their sun edition and it’s too good and perfect for an everyday scent, plus it consistently gets me compliments anywhere I go.

How about your fashion obsessions?

I’ve loved bags since I was a toddler. I remember being around nine or 10 and carrying this adult pocketbook that I begged to be bought for, and then putting everything in it. I mean chapstick, a book and some other knickknacks that children this age find to be important. But I’ve noticed I love jewellery too; it can make any outfit look totally new or different. Anyone who’s seen my walk-in shoe closet would laugh and tell you it’s shoes though.

If you had all the money in the world…

I’d create safe places and spaces for people to learn financial literacy all over the world, and help children in whatever way possible. I’d also build nice animal shelters for all our orphaned animals. And I’d travel like crazy. I love travelling!

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