Staicey Ndaisi Mummoh aka Myles Staceyis a brand influencer, content creator, among others

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Staicey Mummoh.

Staicey Ndaisi Mummoh aka Myles Staceyis a brand influencer, content creator and business mogul. She chats with Chebet Korir about her love for fashion and good looks. 

How has the journey been as a brand influencer? 

It has been great. Despite a few challenges, I have grown in various aspects of my life and I thank God. 

You have a unique sense of style. Take us through your fashion journey?

I realised my love for fashion back in high school when we had a talent show and a friend requested me to be her designer since she was modelling. I took the task and everyone loved my work. Later on, my peers would always push me to model and I always loved being infront of the camera and since the runway was not my thing, I decided to join the fashion-modelling industry.

What is your first fashion memory?

Back in 2014 when I was competing for Miss Kitengela, I wore my mum’s dress, accessorised it with a belt and a friend’s oversized heels. I was shocked and excited when the judges picked my outfit as the best in the category I was competing in.

How do you settle on a look when getting dressed? 

I honestly consider where I am going to. Am I comfortable? Also, if the weather is favourable, I will go all out and dress to impress. I am passionate, social, outgoing, trendy, fashionable, risk taker, and a rule breaker. All these traits sum up how I dress up. 

So, how best can you describe your style?

My style is chic fleek, glam modern and contemporary. 

How best do you pair your outfits, especially now that you are an aspiring politician? 

Ha-ha-ha. Let me admit that I have had a hard time trying to switch up. I now have to consider more classy and bossy outfits unlike before where anything would do for me. I am, however open to change and I am adjusting to the suit life.

Are there any type of clothes that you avoid wearing and why?

Yes. I avoid skimpy outfits during the day because comfort is key, and I hate all the attention that comes with skimpy outfits; they make you look misplaced. Wearing the right clothes will always make one look good and feel comfortable, but the wrong ones, for example, not dressing according to your body size and shape, will give you an unpleasant look that could disturb your mind. And this is one of the biggest mistakes some people make when shopping or dressing up.  

What are the first items you gravitate to when shopping?

Well, shoes. I always go for a shoe that I can pair with different outfits. But I feel every woman should have a dress they can wear day or night, quality sunglasses, a perfect white T-shirt, and a quality denim outfit. 

What’s your favourite scent? 

Coco Mademoiselle Chanel perfume.

Who is your fashion icon and what makes them stand out? 

Rihanna. She makes every kind of style work. Whether it’s an edgy badass look or old Hollywood glam, she never fails to deliver.

A fashion tip you can share…

Get to know your body shape, explore more on different styles for inspiration and always accessorise right.

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