Twin sisters set record for biggest height difference

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Twin sisters set record for biggest height difference
Twin sisters set record for biggest height difference

Japanese twin sisters with an extraordinary height difference have entered Guinness World Records. There’s a staggering 75 cm (2ft 5.5 in) between sister Yoshie and Michie Kikuchi, who lives in Okayama, Japan.

The twin sisters have won the Guinness World Records title for the greatest height differential in living non-identical twins (female).

Twins are expected to be identical-looking individuals. But for the 33-year-old sisters, their facial features and height set them apart. Yoshie stands tall at 162.5 cm (5 ft 4 in), and Michie stands at 87.5 cm ( 2ft 10.5 in).

The Guinness World Records took to Twitter to share their story. “New record: Greatest height differential in living fraternal twins (female) - 75.0 cm (2 ft 5.5 in) between Yoshie and Michie Kikuchi Despite their differences, Yoshie and Michie remain the closest of sisters.” 

According to a press release by Guinness World Records, the Kikuchi sisters - fraternal twins, a result of the fertilisation of two separate eggs - were born on 15 October 1989. Michie has a condition called congenital spinal epiphyseal dysplasia, a bone disorder that prevents her from growing.

Michie lives at her parent’s home and she helps with the day-to-day running of the temple run by her father. Yoshie has moved out of the family home and is a mother.

Michie told Guinness World Records, “I read about the shortest man back in 2012 and I was shocked. There’s a man out there showcasing his short height as a virtue, while I was being shy about my condition.”                                

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