Where did the Christmas spirit go?

Monday, December 23rd, 2019 12:00 | By
Where did the Christmas spirit go?

It’s finally Christmas season and no energy to welcome the festivities.  Well, as a child, I couldn’t believe that Christmas morning would actually come to pass, it meant the world to us.

But now, it doesn’t feel the same. People anticipate and actually celebrate Valentine’s Day more than they do Christmas.

Well, maybe anticipate and prep for would be the right words, but hey, whatever happened to the good old Christmas spirit? I’m not feeling the energy.

Back then, we’d get to December, like this and you’d think it’s Christmas already. Everything about December was Christmas.

Empty offices, street vendors selling Christmas decorations, you would hear ‘jingle bells’ songs playing everywhere. Families gathered around and ate too much.

We took way too many pictures that our relatives use as blackmail now that we are adults, and you wouldn’t want the dirty toothless or brown teethed photos of little you leaked for the whole world to see!

We made a lot of preparation in anticipation. Then you knew it was actually December.People travelled and streets were empty, roads clear.

 No one travels for Christmas anymore. On the contrary, and if last year’s season is anything to go by, people actually travel into the city. How else would you explain mad traffic on Christmas eve? 

Some of us may choose to use up those vacation hours we’ve earned to recuperate from yet another busy year. 

And yet maybe for some, nothing will change. I’ll admit it, today Christmas isn’t Christmas for me until after Christmas day. When you notice the normal routine is about to begin.

We actually look forward to and actually plan for December 31st and New Year more than we do Christmas, no? 

Most ying yangs would actually take the Christmas shift at work and be free for 31st.  But I must admit though, I miss the old days when Christmas was Christmas, hey Santa are you listening?

When we’d actually decorate the house with balloons and those mushino mushino decorations. And actually get new outfits (we’d all get same outfits in different colours) to brag about that day in church.

Then after church? Feast and adjourn with ice-cream or was it coloured ice? Whatever happened to Christmas, sigh!

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