2 killed by Somali bandits in Kitui

Saturday, March 18th, 2023 12:29 | By
Queries on North Rift killer bandits despite State vow
Police officers in the bandit-prone North Rift. PD/file

Two people have been killed by Somali Bandits in the Yimbiti area Endau / Malalani ward in Kitui County.

According to Carol Mwalimu, an eyewitness, the Somali bandits attacked her and others in their homes and killed one of them.

"Some of the Somali bandits have accessed our homestead through the gate and the others through the fence killed one of us as we ran for our dear lives," Carol said.

The other man was killed as he was going home from his workplace.

The killings have been confirmed by the Kitui county commissioner Erastus Mbui who has said, according to the report he has received from his deputy county commissioner, it was a revenge mission.

"I am told this was a revenge mission after the Somalis were attacked by the area residents on March 16, 2023," Erastus Mbui.

Mbui said that investigations on what triggered the killing of the two people by the Somalis has commenced.

The area member of assembly Endau/ Malalani Erastus Mbuno has called upon the national government through the interior ministry to move with speed and protect the Kamba people from the Somali bandits.

MCA Mbuno who has been on the front line to push for peace in the area and drive the camel herders out of the area has vowed not to rest until peace and security are ensured for his people.

"We have never gotten an answer and justice even after camel herders have killed our people and we want security and a peaceful environment," Mca Mbuno said.

He has stated that it's high time the national government ensures security for his people as they also have the right to enjoy security like any other Kenyan.

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