68 Meru MCAs support motion to impeach governor Kawira

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022 20:35 | By
Meru governor vows not to set foot at County Assembly as MCAs decide on her impeachment
The embattled Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza. PHOTO/Courtesy.

68 members of the Meru county assembly have appended signatures to a motion seeking to impeach Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza.

The motion which was tabled by Minority whip Denis Kiogora on Tuesday was supported by 68 out of the total 69 MCAs in the assembly.

They cited nepotism, illegal appointments, unlawful dismissals and usurpation of the constitutional and statutory functions of county organs, contempt of court, illegal dismissals, incitement, bullying, vilification, and misleading campaigns against other leaders as the reasons for impeachment.

Other grounds include forceful entry into the assembly precincts and mobilisation of unlawful riots against members of the assembly, violation of public finance management law, and misconduct relating to the nomination of County Executive Committee Members.

The governor is also accused of disregarding the criteria for the establishment of offices within the county public service including failing to submit her husband’s name for approval by the assembly before making the impugned appointments

In the motion, they also accused Kawira of incitement and bullying blaming her for holding public rallies to humiliate and incite against Members of the Assembly and other elected leaders falsely.

Addressing the media after tabling the motion, Mr Kiogora who is also the Abogeta West MCA said public participation will be held on Monday at the assembly precincts where residents will be required to air their views on the motion.

He called upon the residents to read and understand the motion which he said can be accessed from the assembly’s website.

Further, he said that Kawira will also be expected to appear to the assembly on Tuesday to respond to the allegations after which the house will decide the way forward.

"After a reply from the governor and people's views, we will move forward to debate and vote on the motion on Wednesday,” Kiogora stated.

After the tabling of the motion, Kawira through her Facebook account said she will not be shaken but will continue to offer services to the Meru people.

"Just like Daniel's case in the Bible, what is going on in Meru County is tantamount to fleeting flame. God has the final say I will not lift my foot from the pedal of sustainable progress," Kawira wrote.

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