Above-normal rainfall expected from March to May

Friday, January 31st, 2020 00:00 | By
Igad Climate Prediction and Applications Centre programme manager Zachary Atheru.

Jasmine Atieno @sparkleMine

Kenya will experience above-normal rainfall during the long rain season of March to May.

A forecast released by the Igad Climate Prediction and Applications Centre together with the Kenya Meteorological Department shows temperatures in the region will be warmer than normal.

However, the March-May season will not be as wet as November and December season.

“The season predictions have completely eliminated the likelihood of drought during the March to May season, we advise all water users to take advantage of the rainfall to harvest and grow crops ,” said Igad Climate Prediction and Applications Centre programme manager Zachary Atheru. 

“Last year,  October to December was  very wet, the rainfall will be declining, less rain and also less heavy as compared to the past years. 

North Eastern areas of Kenya will receive less rainfall, although within their normal range it will still not be as high. 

The western region is expected to receive more rainfall during the season and the highland East of the Rift valley and the Central areas of Kenya,” added Atheru.

Great challenge

He said the above-normal rainfall posses a great challenge as it provides a conducive environment for the multiplication of locust species which have currently invaded over 10 counties in the country. 

He said the locusts have laid eggs that could hatch with the coming of rainfall exacerbating the locust menace.

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