KDF should not run civilian institutions – Aden Duale

Monday, October 17th, 2022 16:31 | By
KDF should not run civilian facilities - Aden Duale
Defence CS nominee Aden Duale. PHOTO/Courtesy

Defence Cabinet Secretary nominee Aden Duale says President Uhuru Kenyatta was wrong to assign military personnel roles in civilian institutions.

Appearing before the Parliamentary Committee of Appointments on Monday, October 17, Duale said the roles of the Kenya Defence Forces are well stipulated in the constitution, and the Kenya Kwanza administration will stick to the law.

He pledged to ensure the military men heading several institutions in the country will be sent back to the military.

"I think it was wrong to take Generals from KDF to civilian authorities, when this administration is fully in the office, we will tell everybody to go back to where he belongs because if we allow that, we will find a general as a National Assembly Clerk," Duale said.

If approved the long-serving legislator will resign to take up the CS role in President William Ruto's administration.

Uhuru's love for KDF

Uhuru, the immediate former President, seemed to favour intelligence and military officers with key government positions during his reign.

Under his tenure, Uhuru appointed Major General Mohamed Badi, who has since been promoted to Lieutenant, to head the Nairobi Metropolitan Services, at a time when the city was facing a leadership crisis following the implication of then Governor Mike Sonko in graft.

In 2020, the former Head of State also handed over the Kenya Meat Commission (KMC) to the KDF despite protests from some quarters.

Last year, he challenged civilian institutions to emulate the military's efficiency and discipline in public service delivery.

He said the military had saved the government a colossal amount of money which would have been lost to graft.

“I only wish our civilian operators, our civilian administrators if they could only do a quarter of what is being done by Kenya Defence Forces then Kenya will be transformed,” President Kenyatta said.

The President spoke at Kisumu Port during the launch of Kenya Shipyards Limited.

“Those complaining about KDF being awarded projects to an extent of seeking court interventions should understand that KDF are Kenyans who deserve equal opportunity needless to say that the same hand that carries a gun is the same hand that can handle a hoe,” Uhuru said.

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