Al Shabaab abductees released unharmed

Monday, December 30th, 2019 11:35 | By

Two people, who were abducted by suspected Al Shabaab militants on Boxing Day, have been released unharmed.

Police confirmed the duo, Abdulahi Isaack and Abdihasan Ilkaase, carjacked aboard a land cruiser KCM 446R were successfully traced and returned to Liboi in good health.

The duo was accosted and abducted by about 20 heavily armed militants before being taken across the border into Somalia.

They were held at a camp 60 kilometers inside the war-torn country at Bagdad where black flags, synonymous with the proscribed group, dominated the skyline.

They spent a day at the camp but were released the next day to start their journey back to Liboi where they arrived on Sunday December 29.  

Police on alert

The released duo provided information that has kept police vigilant in Liboi and surrounding areas.

In the course of their debriefing Isaack and Ilkaase revealed to the police that while 20 militants abducted them, only three accompanied them to Somalia.

About 17 militants remained inside the Kenyan borders and were tellingly carrying sophisticated communication equipment and black bags.

Each militant was handed a bag whose content are not known and what appeared to be walkie-talkie radio.

Police believe the militants, who remained behind, are planning attacks.

“It is evident that the rest who were more than 15 Al Shabaab remained within Liboi Walburat and Daddquran Dam and are planning to plant Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s),” said the police.

“They could also be planning attacks on police camps or to lay ambush on police vehicles or attack on locals traveling by buses. Therefore, there is need to conduct a big multi agency operation to flush them out,” the police report concluded.

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