Alarm as cases of breast cancer surge in Coast

Tuesday, October 25th, 2022 14:18 | By
Alarm as cases of breast cancer surge in Coast
Coast General Teaching and Referral Hospital. PHOTO/Courtesy

Medical practitioners have raised alarm over increased cases of breast cancer among young women in the Coast region.

Lucy Njoki, the officer in charge of Coast General Teaching and Referral Hospital Oncology Centre said the trend of the dreaded disease is worrying.

The centre is now reporting four cases of breast cancer and three cases of cervical cancer daily, Njeri disclosed.

A total of 1,827 cases of breast cancer were detected between January and October this year with the youngest patient aged six months and the oldest aged 65 years.

In the same period, the facility recorded 1,338 cases of cervical cancer, prostate cancer (654), oesophageal (1045) and lymphomas (464).

"As you can see cases of breast cancer and cervical cancer are on the raise among women followed closely by prostate cancer and oesophageal cancer among men," she said.

Breast cancer cases alarming

Njoki noted that the new cases were alarming.

She attributed the rising numbers of cancer cases to genetics and hormonal change, early sexual activities among teenage girls, drug abuse and HIV & Aids.

"Young girls begin by having sex at a very early age and end up contracting the Human papillomavirus (HPV) which is sexually transmitted and in most cases, it is the main cause of cervical cancer," she said.

The data released by the facility shows that Kilifi is leading in cases of cervical cancer, followed closely by Kwale, which has reported the highest number of oesophageal cancer, and Mombasa.

"Kilifi has continued to report a high number of cervical cancer due to early sexual activities among teenage girls, while Kwale is reporting cases of throat cancer due to Base Titanium mining activities in that area. Mombasa is ranked third due to obesity, poor eating habits, and chewing of miraa by men," she noted.

The medic urged residents to go for early screening for cancer as one way of fighting the disease.

"We are now calling on residents to come for cancer screening more often with early diagnosis cancer can easily be treated," she said.

The oncology centre will be carrying out free cancer screening for breast and cervical cancer on Friday this week.

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