Another man confesses to killing, raping many women

By , People Daily Digital
Friday, October 15th, 2021 00:00 | 2 mins read
Paul Magara (left) and his brother Aman Oboko Mochama. Photo/PD/MAthew ndungu

Detectives in Ruiru, Kiambu County are investigating a “confession” by a suspected murderer that he has been stabbing, raping and killing women at Wataalam village in the sub-county.

 Paul Magara, 29, who was arrested yesterday following police intelligence and tips from the public “confessed” that he has killed several women, raped and or seriously assaulted others within the sprawling village.

 Magara was arrested with a bag full of female undergarments.

Police suspect that the panties belonged to women that the suspect has been striking between 3am and 4am.

 He is reported to have waylaid the women as they went to relieve themselves in the lavatories at the village and attacked them, killing or injuring them. 

 Ruiru Sub-County police commander Cecilia Kemboi told journalists that the suspect’s tools of trade include hammers and knives.

Magara, in his confession, told detectives that he had been recruited into a cult at a church near OTC in Nairobi city several years ago, leading him to developed a knack for raping and killing women.

 “He told us that he was given Sh30,000 at the church and that was the beginning of his behavioral change. His killing spree, began two years ago,” Kemboi said.

 He further told detectives that he would monitor police as they collected the bodies of his victims at the various spots, where he had dumped them, if only to satisfy himself that he had accomplished his mission.

Magara would go out of his way to attend the burials of his victims in various parts of the country, he told police.

The man had been camouflaging as an electrician by moving around with electrical cables, only to prey on innocent women in the poverty stricken village, according to police.

The suspect was arrested alongside his brother Aman Oboko Mochama who is also reported to have been aiding Magara in his criminal activities. 

Others arrested are Richard Njoroge and David Maingi who were found in possession of Magara’s cell phone.

Police in Ruiru are also holding Moses Moogi who has been linked to a spate of attacks in the village in recent days.