Night of terror as a***d goons wreak h***c in Kitengela

Thursday, March 21st, 2024 15:21 | By
One of the suspects arrested following an incident of robbery with violence and attack to homes at Empakasi sheep and goat area Kitengela. PHOTO /Christine Musa

One suspected goon has been killed and several other accomplices have been left injured at Empakasi Sheep and Goat area in Kitengela after unleashing a night of terror in the area.

The gang of 45 men armed with pangas, machetes and other crude weapons are said to have descended to several homes situated two kilometres from the populous Kitengela town, causing massive destruction of property to the chagrin of locals who have expressed fear.

In the 1 am incident, the armed men who arrived using motorcycles and a Nissan Matatu attacked several homes leaving several people injured and rushed to various hospitals.

Three suspects were arrested and a total sum of Ksh149,000 was recovered in the hands of the alleged ring leader who was among the three arrested during the melee.

One of the suspects arrested following an incident of robbery with violence and attack on homes at Empakasi sheep and goat area Kitengela. PHOTO/Christine Musa

According to the locals, the attackers first raided a local leader's home while issuing a warning that he should direct his village mates to leave the village unconditionally.

The agitated residents who said the attacks on several other homes happened simultaneously, raised alarm attracting swift response from the neighbouring Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) camp situated within the area before the intervention of Athi River police officers who also responded.

The state of homes at Empakasi, Sheep and Goat area Kitengela following an attack by goons. PHOTO/Christine Musa

Six motorbikes were impounded along with stolen items including solar panels before the suspects fled to different routes within the expansive communal land.

"We want to thank KDF and police who responded swiftly. We fear that if police did not intervene within a very short time, the attackers might have injured more people. We fear that lives could have been lost because the attackers were armed with machetes and crude weapons," Wilson Kisemei, a resident said.

Residents suspect the attack is a move by rogue land grabbers who want to grab the communal land.

"The goons made their mission clear. They said those who sent them wanted us to vacate the land. If the land claimant is genuine about ownership of our land which is not disputed, he or she could have used the legal procedure and not engage criminals to come cause chaos and steal from our homes, "Joseph Ole Juma, another resident said.

They claim the goons have attacked them severally to create tension and insecurity in the area over the prime land.

"Security agencies should focus on positively identifying the person behind the criminal attacks. The grabber is a criminal who is endangering the lives of desperate youths to steal and kill other Kenyans for selfish gain," Daniel Kakure a resident said.

Locals appeal to security agencies to intervene on the matter further calling on investigations of rogue police officers suspected to be privy to the attack by the goons.

The suspects are said to have been ferried from the Pipeline area, Nairobi.

One of the suspects confessed that they were hired and were supposed to be paid Ksh2,000 each, an amount that was to be paid after the attack.

"We were told there is a job of causing terror. We were supposed to inflict injuries on the people and children we will find in the homes. We were to be paid the money after accomplishing the mission. Our leader had the money in cash. The motorcycle owners who were also part of us were to be paid a higher amount of Ksh3,000," one of the suspects claimed.

Athi River South police boss Jos Mudavadi says police have launched investigations into the incident that has been classified as a robbery with violence incident.

He says the mobile phones recovered from the crime scene and the suspects under custody will aid in investigations.

"We are on high alert to ensure we get to the bottom of the incident. We urge residents to record statements and give crucial information that will help in our investigations. Criminals should also be warned that their days are numbered," Mudavadi warned.

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