ASAL regions get funds to mitigate flood effects

Thursday, December 21st, 2023 05:46 | By
Men struggle against floods. PHOTO/Print
Men struggle against floods. PHOTO/Print

A few days after the loss and damage fund was adopted and operationalised at the COP 28 climate summit, Kenya has secured a financial boost of Sh48 million (GBP 250,000) from the Scottish Government.

This funding aims to aid communities residing in the arid and semi-arid regions of Kenya in tackling the losses and damages inflicted by the climate crisis.

“We hope that the Scottish Government’s pioneering funding to enable and support communities to address loss and damage inspires similar action from other governments,” said Sebastian Tiah, The Interim Country Director, Oxfam International, Kenya.

Deadly floods

The announcement comes at a time when Kenya is witnessing deadly floods, induced by the EL Nino phenomenon, making this year’s rainy season wetter than average, according to the Kenya Metrological Department.

The flash floods continue to wreak havoc, causing unprecedented destruction to property and decimating livelihoods, just when Kenya is recovering from one of her worst drought experiences in four decades.

Loss and damage fund typically refers to financial mechanisms or funds established to address the loss and damage associated with the impacts of climate change.

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