Barasa urges Kakamega MPs to reject Bill

Friday, June 2nd, 2023 10:30 | By
Stick to your role, governors tell budget boss in Sh3b row
Kakamega Governor Fernandes Barasa. PHOTO/ Nndegwa Gathungu

Kakamega governor Fernandes Barasa has urged Members of Parliamanet (MPs) from the county to reject the Finance Bill 2023 when it is tabled in Parliament “if they value the lives of their constituents”.

Barasa said yesterday that any MP who would support the Bill would be rejected by the voter’s come 2027.

He termed the Bill as “poisonous chalice” saying it would worsen harsh economic situation facing Kenyans.

“Why is the Kenya Kwanza administration eager to punish Kenyans who worked very hard to secure employment? Why don’t they reduce taxes on basic commodities like fuel and electricity to spur economic growth?” he posed.

He said some counties such as Kakamega already had their housing schemes targeting their employees and other members of the public. The county chief stated that they were struggling to pay their workers due to erratic release of funds to the devolved units by the national government. “We are already cash-strapped with our employees going for months without salaries. Some are servicing huge loans that they borrowed to put up or buy homes.” Barasa said.

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