Barclays Kenya customers to benefit from new products

Monday, January 27th, 2020 17:58 | By

Barclays Kenya, which is in its final stages of transitioning to Absa, has announced the roll out of new products to enhance customer interactions in the Kenyan market.

Managing Director Jeremy Awori indicated in a statement that the bank will soon introduce a range of vertical debit and credit cards that will offer its customers cash back rewards for transactions and discounts in shopping outlets across the world.

In addition, Awori said the bank will roll-out the Absa ChatBox, a virtual assistant that allows customers get answers to their frequently asked banking questions through WhatsApp.

Also earmarked for launch is the MySMETool that allows business owners to perform important functions like planning and cashflow management online.

“This transition is exciting for us because it has been much more than just changing colours. We have spent a lot of time with our customers to understand not just their needs but also their tastes and preferences. The Absa vertical cards are enabled with the tap-and-go technology which makes them future-fit and a distinguishing feature for our customers. The Signature Card holders will enjoy free access to over 1 100 airport lounges around the world,” said Awori.

The new cards are being rolled out on a pilot base and will be available for all customers upon the official launch of Absa in the country.

The bank will also be launching the revamped Absa Mobile Banking app which, apart from allowing customers to pay bills, transact and buy airtime will also enable them use their fingerprint or facial recognition to unlock and gain access.

“We are now at the tail end of this transition programme, and we are confident that we shall complete the change in the not-so-distant future. We are now working with the regulator to align on the date when we will officially change our name to Absa,” he said.

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