Bird that flew from Finland to Kenya has now flown to the Creator

Monday, January 27th, 2020 15:22 | By
KWS announced that Osprey died over the past weekend while receiving veterinary care. Osprey has succumbed to organ failure.

Osprey, the migratory bird that flew from Finland to Kenya is dead. The death has been attributed to starvation that resulted in organ failure.

Osprey was rescued last week in Bondo, Siaya County of Kenya by a local fisherman who alerted wildlife officers. The rare raptor originated from Finland, according to the details of the ring around its leg.

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The vector distance between Finland to Kenya is about 6934 kilometres which is the minimum length that Osprey is believed to have covered.

The vector distance(the shortest distance between two points) between Finland to Siaya is about 6948 km. IMAGE/COURTESY

Kenya Wildlife Service(KWS) has confirmed Osprey's death saying that it occurred despite all the efforts to resuscitate and eventually release it back into the wild.

The four-year-old bird of prey died at the weekend while under the care of KWS veterinarians and a KWS-licensed Raptor Rehabilitation Centre in Karen, Nairobi.

A post-mortem examination report conducted by veterinary teams attributed the death to long term starvation which precipitated systemic organ failure. 

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