Bishop decries spate of a***n in schools

Monday, November 22nd, 2021 07:00 | By
Archbishop-Arthur-Kitonga. PHOTO/COURTESY

Founder of Redeemed Gospel Church Archbishop Arthur Kitonga yesterday decried the recent violent student unrest in some secondary schools across the country.

Kitonga, right, said the spate of school arson was a very unfortunate and disheartening incident and deserves condemnation in no uncertain terms.

Dozens of boarding secondary schools closed due to student arson forcing the ministry of education to issue a mid-term break.The ministry said students will start their half term break on November 19 and resume learning on November 23.

He urged students to desist from all forms of lawlessness and disregard for authority to succeed in their education endeavours.

He said the fire incidents being witnessed were not usual and that it should be addressed before it leads to the crumbling of the education sector.

“The burning down of dormitories, laboratories, libraries and other critical school infrastructure is something that cannot be fathomed by any right-thinking Kenyan,” he said.

He urged parents to take up their parenting role with zeal and not shy from speaking against evils in the society.

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