Nyandarua: AIC Bishop defends churches’ involvement in politics

Monday, February 27th, 2023 13:06 | By
A church. PHOTO/Courtesy

The AIC Church Nyandarua Region head, Bishop Stanley Mutuku, has defended churches in the country for associating themselves with the political class.

He said since the church deals with humanity, and it cannot keep off politics since the politicians are human beings.

“You cannot separate the church and politics since human beings are on both sides,” the clergyman said in Nyahururu on Sunday.

Role of the church

Speaking to the press after presiding over the elevation of Pastor Benson Maara Karanja to a Reverend, Bishop Mutuku said the role of the church in politics should be that of watchdog.

“The church has a great role of correcting wrongs in the country,” said the Bishop whose jurisdiction covers Nyandarua, Laikipia, and Samburu counties.

During the ceremony held at the AIC Nyahururu church, the bishop challenged the clergy to first be righteous before embarking on correcting politicians.

He claimed most men of God have involved themselves in worldly matters thus making it hard for them to oversight the politicians.

He challenged those given responsibilities of heading churches to ensure the places of worship are not used for worldly evils.

Asked if non-Christians in the country will feel left out since the current leadership seems to associate more with the churches, Bishop Mutuku said, “it is because 80 percent of Kenya is made of Christians. It is not that other religions are being sidelined.”

Ordaining Maara, the Bishop urged clergy to be socializing to minimize the loneliness that at times comes with their work “which makes some feel like quitting.”

For the young people who are aiming to join the clergy, the Bishop told them to prepare themselves to sacrifice saying he started with a salary of Ksh700, “which depended on the availability of funds.”

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