Bishop fingers MPs for blaming govt on over-borrowing

By Robert Ochoro
Sunday, June 13th, 2021 11:28 | 2 mins read
Tanzania’s President Samia Suluhu Hassan addresses a joint sitting of Kenya’s bicameral Parliament yesterday. Photo/PSCU

Southern Nyanza Anglican Church of Kenya ( ACK) Bishop, John Orina has fingered some Members of Parliament for blaming the government for over-borrowing to meet its financial obligations, saying they approve the budget and should not complain.

The bishop said it is wrong for leaders to accuse the government of over borrowing to bridge the deficit in the budget and yet they are the same people who approve the ceiling, terming the leaders pretenders.

He faulted some leaders who want church leaders to keep off issues related to the much hyped Building Bridges Initiative ( BBI) ,stressing the church is the conscience of the nation and church leaders have a duty to point out ills which affect Kenyans.

“God has directed his servants to be watchmen of the flock. The church is the conscience of the nation and church leaders have a duty to point out the extremes of politicians,” Orina told People Daily at his office on Sunday.

The bishop urged Kenyans not to be cheated that the church is supposed to keep quiet and watch from a distance, adding the church is the ‘salt’ and ‘light’ of the world and has to comment on political issues.

He said all aspects of life are connected to religion and urged parliamentarians, judicial officers, the Executive and members of the public to listen to the voice of the church, adding church leaders cannot mislead Kenyans.

Bishop Orina said Kenyans are suffering due to the impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic and urged the government to ensure that all Kenyans are vaccinated to boost their immunity against the disease to reduce infections, deaths and suffering.

“If all Kenyans are vaccinated and combine it with washing hands, keeping social distance and wearing masks, the pandemic will be contained to ease peoples suffering,” Bishop Orina said.

The bishop noted that lockdowns of sub counties, counties and churches will cause more suffering to struggling Kenyans and affect the country’s economy, stressing the pandemic fluctuates and will remain in the country for an unknown period.

Embassy Gospel Chapel Pastor, Peter Morwabe urged the Judiciary and the Executive to agree on the fate of BBI to avoid conflicts related to court orders related to its constitutionalism.

The pastor urged the government to postpone the amendments in the constitution through the BBI if there is no time to pass it before the next general election.

“The church has been told not to interfere with the BBI. If there is no time to pass it, let the government obey court orders," Morwabe said.

He appealed to the government to listen to the court, church leaders and members of the public to foster national unity and development.

Robert Ochoro

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