Boarding schools not compulsory for learners moving to junior secondary

Tuesday, May 10th, 2022 02:40 | By
Grade Five pupils and their teacher during a CBC class session. PHOTO/File
Grade Five pupils and their teacher during a CBC class session. PHOTO/File

The Ministry of Education yesterday said that boarding facilities are not compulsory for learners transitioning to Junior Secondary School (JSS).

Deputy Director in charge of Infrastructure in Secondary Schools; Lawrence Karundini, said boarding facilities are not a priority for JSS but the ministry has progressed well on other infrastructure, like classrooms to support the transition to Grade Seven next year.

“On JSS, our focus is that this should be a day school not boarding and the transition from Grade Six to Seven will be in such a way that students will transit within the schools that are within where they are now in school,” explained Karundini.

He made the remarks during a zoom session organised by the Office of Government spokesperson Col Cyrus Oguna, to give an update of implementation of Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).

The Ministry of Education statistics indicate that at least 70 per cent of secondary schools are day schools at the sub-county level and the government is investing to equip them with the necessary infrastructure.

“At this point, the capacity for boarding will not be necessary at the JSS level because the thinking and planning is that this will be a day school. Remember we are dealing with young children at this level, so we are going to collapse what we know now as categories of schools and move to junior secondary,” he added.

Creating a storm

He said that boarding facilities may be required at the senior secondary school because of learners’ specialisation at that level.

 “Maybe at the senior secondary level we may need boarding facilities but right now, the junior secondary is basically a day school affair. So, the classrooms will be in place but the dormitories may not be needed at this point,” said Karundini.

Also present was Technical Advisor to Principal Secretary for State Department for Implementation of Curriculum Principal Secretary on CBC matter- Ruth Mugambi who stated that they are developing guidelines to ensure the full transition.

“The department has come up with guidelines for transition and this will soon be in place, to ensure that the transition from one level to another is seamless and stress-free to learners,” explained Mugambi.

By end of November, everyone will be ready for a transition in January.

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