Budget 2022/23: Money allocated for every key sector

Thursday, April 7th, 2022 18:01 | By
Money. PHOTO/File
Money. PHOTO/File

The government has allocated Ksh513 billion to the Ministry of Education, making it the biggest allocation in the 2022/2023 budgetary allocations. Reading the budget at the National Assembly, Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani said that the allocation factors in the construction of classes for junior secondary.

Ksh2.5 billion will go towards recruiting teachers, Ksh5 billion for examination waivers for grades six, seven and eight while Ksh1.2 billion will go towards the training of teachers. Ksh294 billion has been allocated to the Teachers' Service Commission while Ksh15.8 billion has been allocated to the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB). Ksh91.2 billion has been allocated to University Education.

Yatani has also proposed the allocation of an additional Ksh2.8 billion for primary and secondary school infrastructure and Ksh1.8 billion for the construction and equipping of Technical Training Institutes and Vocational Training Centres.

The county governments follow the education sector closely, with a Ksh407 billion budgetary allocation.

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has been allocated Ksh27.1 billion ahead of the 2022 General Elections while the Judiciary has been allocated Ksh18.9 billion.

Uhuru's Big Four Agenda has been allocated Ksh146 billion while the National Youth Service (NYS) has been allocated Ksh13.1 billion. For the Big Four, Ksh62.3 billion will go towards Universal Health Care, Ksh10.1 for manufacturing, Ksh46.8 for food and nutrition and Ksh27.7 for affordable housing.

Kshh39.5 billion has been allocated for social protection and affirmative budget, with the elderly getting Ksh17.5 billion, while the orphans and vulnerable children will get Ksh7.5 billion.

The ICT sector has been allocated Ksh15.6 billion, National Security Ksh317.8 billion with the National Intelligence Service (NIS) getting Ksh46.1 billion. The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) has been allocated Ksh128.4 billion while the National Police Service has been allocated Ksh93.9 billion. The Prisons Service has been allocated Ksh28.3 billion.

The Health Sector has been allocated Ksh101.8 billion with the Kenyatta National Hospital getting the lion's share of Ksh18 billion.

Yatani has also allocated Ksh68.9 billion for equity, poverty reduction, women and youth empowerment, which includes the National Youth Service.

Ksh110.9 billion will go towards environmental protection, water and natural resources, where water and sewerage infrastructural development will get the lion's share of Ksh45.9 billion.

The transport sector has been allocated Ksh33.5 billion, with more than half (Ksh18.5 billion) being allocated to the phase II of Nairobi-Naivasha SGR line.

Roads have been allocated Ksh212.5 billion, whereby Ksh103.7 billion will go towards constructing new roads and bridges.

The energy sector will get Ksh95 billion with the National grid getting Ksh62.9 billion while geothermal energy generation has been allocated Ksh18.5 billion.

Sports, culture, recreation and tourism sectors have been allocated a cumulative of Ksh20.9 billion while the manufacturing and industrialization sector has been allocated Ksh10.1 billion.

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