Budget chief warns over use of funds in Nyamira

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024 05:00 | By
Controller of Budget Margaret Nyakang'o
Controller of Budget Margaret Nyakang'o. PHOTO/@Senate_KE/X

Controller of Budget Dr Margaret Nyakang’o has expressed dissatisfaction over the manner in which funds channeled to Nyamira county are spent.

Speaking at Risa during the funeral of her cousin, Dr Nyakang’o said it was sad that the monies that were being approved to the devolved unit were not being properly utilised.

She expressed concern that the approved finances for development were not being spent as intended, something she noted needed answers from the county administration.

“We want our monies to be planned properly. If you review those reports I usually author every quarter, Nyamira is ranking poorly. We haven’t done our development well,” she said. She, however, lauded Governor Amos Nyaribo for an improvement in own-source revenue which she said was on a positive trajectory.

She did not disclose the amount of money which was going to waste by the Nyamira county government.
Even so, she said radical changes were necessary in the county’s governance strategies for the people to realize more development.

“The only positive thing with our county is that the amount of revenue being collected has improved but without much reflection on the ground,” she said.

Also at the funeral were Nyamira Woman Rep Jerusha Momanyi and Kitutu Masaba MP Clive Gisairo, who applauded the work Dr Nyakang’o was doing in promoting accountability in county governments.

Ms Momanyi noted that there was need for a shift in the manner of making leaders accountable over devolution cash. “We need to elect leaders who should be trusted with our finances. Wrong decisions at the ballot results in poor development for the next five years,” she said.

Gisairo commended the work the office of Controller of Budget was doing in defending devolution against bad governance.

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