Burial disrupted after relatives refuse to honour deceased’s ‘strange’ wish

By Njange Maina
Saturday, September 26th, 2020
An image of graveyard PHOTO/COURTESY
In summary
    • The man said his late wife had chosen to be buried inside the house when she dies and so, he blocked other mourners from accessing his home to accord his wife a 'decent send-off'.

A burial was aborted on Saturday in Rwathia village, Kangema Muranga county after the family members disagreed on where to bury the deceased's body.

The deceased's husband wanted his wife to be buried inside their house according to her wish, but the other family members could hear none of it.

At first, the man had even blocked other mourners from the burial but villagers forced their way in. He had already dug a grave inside an incomplete house where he intended to rest his wife's body.

The other family members and residents, however, completely disagreed to bury a corpse inside a house.

"What kind of madness is this now? We cannot allow such kind of a thing to happen in this village," said one resident

After some fracas, the furious residents managed to break into the home where they started filling the grave with materials in attempts to frustrate the strange burial.

Some residents alleged that the deceased belonged to a cult that also prohibits people from attending the burial of its member.

The body was taken back to Murang'a morgue as the family settle on where to rest their deceased kin.