Bursary kitty dominates Kwale governor campaign

Monday, July 4th, 2022 03:30 | By
Hamadi Boga. PHOTO/Courtesy
Hamadi Boga. PHOTO/Courtesy

The hugely credited bursary fund has become a key campaign issue in the fight for Kwale governor seat.

 Pamoja African Alliance (PAA) aspirant Lung’anzi Chai on Saturday took his campaigns to Kinango, where he promised Elimu Ni Sasa bursary programme will be raised from the current Sh20 million to Sh30 million per ward.

 “Vote for me on August 9 and I assure you I will improve most of these services for the people of Kwale,” Chai promised.

 He said he will also woo investors to Kwale to create job opportunities.

 “Most people are now degree holders but no jobs, Mvurya assisted them by paying their school fees but they are now at home with no employment. They need job opportunities but we have no investors in Kwale,” said Chai.

The Members of County Assembly  have lashed out at Governor Salim Mvurya and United Democratic Alliance gubernatorial aspirant Fatuma Achani, who has been urging residents to support them so that they can continue enjoying the bursary kitty, warning that it may be withdrawn by the next governor.

 However, Mkongani Ward Rep Ndoro Mweruphe said the bursary kitty was an Act of the County Assembly and no body can change that law when elected governor.

 “Mvurya keeps on deceiving you that if you do not elect Achani as next governor the others will do away with the bursary kitty. That is pure lie,” Mweruphe said.

 “In fact earlier when we, the MCAs, proposed the bursary kitty Mvurya and his deputy Fatuma Achani neglected it thinking that it would give us mileage but after we pushed him harder he had no option but to sign and approve it,” Mweruphe said.  Ndavaya Ward MCA Juma Masoud asked Mvurya to retire with his deputy.

 “Yes, Mvurya did a good job but it is now time for him to leave and while he is leaving let him leave with his deputy,” Masud said.

 ODM candidate Hamadi Boga also said if elected, he will review the cut off points from 350 marks to 300 for one to qualify for the scholarship.

 “This 350-mark rule locks out most students who do well in the national examinations,” Boga said.

 Achani has been citing the bursary scheme as one reason she should be elected governor.

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