City businessman, MP exposed in shady deal

By People Reporter
Thursday, August 20th, 2020
Parliament. Photo/File
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City businessman, MP outed in shady deal

An MP from North Eastern region and a businessman in Nairobi are clutching at weak straws after a blogger blew their cover on a procurement deal that has been talk of the town for the last few months.

The MP and his business partner in the construction and energy sectors were shocked to read their dealings in the blogs before a spirited move to pull the stories out down were activated.

PS’s letter lands him in trouble with top CEO

A Principal Secretary in a ministry is fighting allegation he facilitated the cancellation of a contract to a long serving parastatal head.

Three clerks in the ministry are in the doghouse for allegedly leaking the letter that has been vehemently denied. In the letter, the PS is said to have commented on the existence of a scandal overseen by the chief executive.

Real estate owner in pain over low tenancy

A building owner in Nairobi has been shocked after managing less than 10 per cent occupancy in the storied building.

The building poorly constructed in a downtown suburb, has only received seven tenants out of a possible 120 on the seven floors of the building and is running at a loss following the maturity of a loan to build it.

Party leader accused of shielding cronies

In Kiambu, a leader of the ruling party has been under fire for protecting technocrats who have awarded their families and cronies contracts worth millions of shillings.

The leading politician has been accused of protecting the managers who come from his backyard.

The money involved is said to run into hundreds of millions of shillings.

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