City Hall kanjos left with no toilets

Saturday, May 27th, 2023 16:23 | By
Nairobi city hall
City Hall, Nairobi. PHOTO/Courtesy

Nairobi County Inspectorate officers (kanjos) based at City Hall Annex have been suffering in silence after toilets at the facility got closed because of the ongoing renovations.

The kanjos now have to rush out in search of a washroom elsewhere when they need to respond to the call of nature.

So dire is the situation that the officers who spoke on condition of anonymity revealed to People Daily Digital that anytime they are pressed they can only rush to public toilets at GPO about 100 metres away.

"We are suffering and the situation is totally bad. If you have a running stomach is too difficult for us," said an officer who requested anonymity.

The county inspectorate officers said they are unable to persevere anymore.

“The renovations have been going on for about two months now and we are not sure when the toilets will be re-opened,” one of the askaris said.

Efforts to try and get a comment from the chief officer inspectorate have not been successful as he didn't respond to our texts or calls.

When we called Governor Johnson Sakaja he also failed to answer us.

Labour Committee chairman Allan Gathuku, whose docket extends to defending the affairs of county staff, said it was wrong to demolish the toilets without leaving the askaris with an alternative.

“The officers should be taken care of, and it was not proper for the contractor to demolish the toilets because that is akin to comprising security since the askaris are forced to leave their station to go and relieve themselves outside," he said.

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