CK const*tution review team embarks on next chapter, the toughest

Wednesday, May 6th, 2020 00:00 | By
Cricket Kenya chairperson Jackie Janmohamed cracks a joke with national team players at a past event at Nairobi Gymkhana. Photo/PD/PHILIP KAMAKYA

Time is running out for Cricket Kenya (CK) to have a valid constitution that would guide its running for the future even as the review committee haggles over contents of the final document. 

Observers are keen to see what will be the next course of action following the end of a period for stakeholders to deliver proposals last week during the public participation process that saw the review committee collect 68 views by April 29.

That the whole process has brought about a huge split is indicative of the stakes at hand and the interests being chased by different individuals.

The past two years has been a show of might between different factions even as the International Cricket Council, Ministry of Sports and even the High Court was called in to bring sanity.

Samuel Muthomi, chairperson of the Cricket Review Commission, is now under pressure to fine-tune and produce the final document that will usher in elections.

However, this will be after he reaches an agreement with all stakeholders, some who have not shown any willingness.

He is already facing criticism from a section of his own committe for playing partisan politics even after his tenure officially ended last September.

With the Executive Council of CK having their term ending next Monday, a crisis is in the offingif a new office is not effectively put in place as per the constitution.

 “In the next two days, we will have an updated document taking into account all the proposals from the feedback by cricket members in the country.

Our job after that is basically done so it is upon the CK Executive Board to implement since timelines are tight and the document needs to be out.

We can legally argue other technicalities afterwards but the priority is that the board goes through it and ratify before publication,” said Muthomi.

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