Clergy asks Government to account for Covid-19 funds

By David Musundi
Monday, April 19th, 2021
Bishop Maurice Crowley
In summary

Kitale Catholic Bishop Anthony Maurice Crowley has asked the National Government to address corruption which he said was the biggest threat in fighting Covid-19.

Speaking at the Mary Immaculate Cathedral in Kitale after celebrating the Third Easter Mass, Crowley urged the government to put more efforts in curbing the spread of the disease.

 “The 20-29 age bracket is now the most dangerous as youths who may be neglected may easily walk on the path to death, crippling coveted development and possibly cause a great catastrophe of human suffering,’’ said Crowley.

He asked those looting funds meant for treatment and management of the pandemic to have a human heart knowing that God is putting a watch over their actions.

He told Trans Nzoia County to put more focus on providing locals with masks and sanitizers to flatten the curve of the disease whose rate is worrying.

"The County government should also be keen on ensuring that covid-19 emergence funds directed to fighting this pandemic are prudently put into proper use and not on leisurely purposes not beneficial to residents,’’ he said.

The prelate noted that despite the efforts of the county government trying to put several measures to contain the spreading of the pandemic, reports of mismanagement of funds had become a concern.

He also told parents to take extra care of their children during the April holiday and counsel them against bad behaviours.