Climate crisis is displacing millions, UN agency says

Tuesday, March 5th, 2024 11:30 | By
Climate change
Image illustrating Climate change. PHOTO/WHO

Last year, nearly 32 million new internal displacements were due to climate-related hazards, the United Nations has revealed noting that up to 216 million people globally could become climate migrants by 2050.

UN’s migration agency International Organisation for Migration says that policy dialogues similar to those that dominated the just concluded sixth United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA-6), which brings together governments, civil society, and the private sector, are pivotal to advocating for the integration of migration issues into climate change policies.

“Recognising and protecting the rights of migrants forced to move due to climate change impacts must be central to the discussions taking place,” IOM said adding that it is committed to overseeing humane, orderly migration and managing humanitarian assistance to support migrants across the world.

According to IOM Kenya Director General Sharon Dimanche, it is not just conflict that is displacing people but also climate change which is fueling climate-related disasters leading to economic hardships and extreme poverty which deprives people of dignified livelihood and education.

Key priorities

She added that people are also on the move in search for a better life and new experiences where people raring to move and get new opportunities.

“Unprecedented human movement requires a new perspective and approach to treat migration as a solution and not just as a problem. The IOM’s 2024/28 strategic plan launched in January will inform the agency’s actions in the next five years in key priorities which include saving lives and protecting people on the move, driving solutions to displacements, and facilitating pathways for regular migration,” Dimanche said during an online interview last week.

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