CNN Reporter arrested while reporting live

Friday, May 29th, 2020 19:12 | By
CNN Reporter Omar Jimenez arrested by police while doing a live reportage PHOTO/COURTESY

A CNN reporter was arrested by Minnesota police while reporting live about the ongoing demonstrations in Minneapolis, US on May 29.

According to CNN, the correspondent Omar Jimenez was arrested alongside two crew members; a producer, and a photojournalist

The CNN crew was reporting on the city unrest at Minneapolis following the killing of George Floyd who was suffocated to death by police in what looked like a black targeted killing.

After the police handcuffed Omar, they pulled him away leaving the rest crew members. Shortly afterwards, the police also arrested the rest two crew members, leaving the camera rolling. The police were not aware that the camera was airing a live footage.

While Jimenez clearly displayed his press badge to the police, the officers went ahead and put cuffs on his hands.

"We can move back to where you like. We are live on the air here. … Put us back where you want us. We are getting out of your way -- wherever you want us (we'll) get out of your way," Jimenez said to police before he was led away.

The Governor for Minnesota Tim Walz later apologized to CNN and promised to work and see the journalists released.

On social media, people reacted harshly to the arrest saying it was racially motivated because Jimenez is black.

John Summers said "A black man reporter and crew were doing their job was arrested while another crew with a white man reporting was not approached until much later. When the white reporter was approached and answered the same questions, they were told they were allowed to be there. The black reporter and crew didn't get a conversation, but immediate arrest"

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