College closed, over 30 learners arrested in Eastleigh

Tuesday, January 21st, 2020 19:01 | By

Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA) on Tuesday closed Allison College in EastLeigh after the institution was found to be operating illegally.

 In a well-coordinated raid that was spearheaded by a contingent of law enforcers drawn from the GSU and DCI, over 30 learners from the institute mainly from the Somali community believed to be foreigners were arrested and have been held behind bars for questioning.

The security agencies said most of the students arrested did not have any legal document to show they are Kenyans or even documents to show they hold dual citizenship.

Alarmingly, the institute also raised eye brows after it emerged that most of the students cannot speak well in either English or Swahili yet the college offers courses which require one to have mastery of English language.

In particular, People Daily caught up with one Ahmed Ali Sharriff a student from the college who told us he was pursuing tailoring and ICT.

However, Sharriff, 22, still does not have an identification card or any document to identify him as either a Kenyan citizen or Somali.

The authority’s Director General Dr Kipkurui Lagat also said they are concerned about the high number of learners who are 15-16 years who in normal cases ought to be in high-school.

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