Container owners to pay Sh2.5m standard fee at Mombasa port

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024 06:13 | By
Investment, Trade and Industry Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Miano. PHOTO/Print
Investment, Trade and Industry Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Miano. PHOTO/Print

The government has announced the introduction of a fixed benchmarking fee of Sh2.5 million for all containers entering the country through the Port of Mombasa.

This measure comes as part of a series of progressive recommendations proposed by the Ministry of Investment, Trade, and Industry (MITI), following a meeting with traders from Nairobi’s largest markets.
The meeting was convened to directly address the challenges stifling the growth and efficiency of local businesses.

Investment, Trade and Industry Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Miano (pictured) said the benchmarking fee is designed to provide a standardised cost structure for traders, thereby reducing uncertainty and fostering a more conducive trading environment.

Constructive dialogue

“Today marks a significant milestone in our journey towards creating a more conducive trading environment in Kenya. The recommendations laid out, born from candid and constructive dialogue with our trading community, pave the way for a robust framework of cooperation, aiming to address and resolve the longstanding challenges faced by our traders. Our commitment to implementing these measures, in collaboration with all stakeholders, is unwavering,” Miano said

She said the initiative is part of the government’s broader commitment to ensuring no tax increases or policy reviews are made without thorough consultation with the trading community.

In addition to the benchmarking fee, the government has prioritized the finalization of the Trade Development Bill and is streamlining pre-shipment inspections for imports by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).

The Certificate of Conformity is also being enhanced to include joint efforts by the Anti-Counterfeit Authority (ACA) and the Kenya Bureau of Statistics (KEBS), and physical inspection protocols are being developed by ACA in consultation with traders.

The government has also announced plans for monthly consultation meetings with the trading community, starting April 10, 2024. The State Department for Trade will handle domestic trade matters and act as the secretariat for the implementation of these and other proposed resolutions following consultations.

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