Coronavirus: Uhuru outlines plans to cushion Kenyans from impending crisis

Thursday, April 16th, 2020 17:50 | By
President Uhuru Kenyatta during a past event

President Uhuru Kenyatta on April 16 announced myriad of measures to cushion vulnerable Kenyans from coronavirus crisis.

Noting that most Kenyans, whose businesses have been affected, are already experiencing the bite.

President Kenyatta assured the citizens that the government shall consider all ways possible to ensure the safety of its citizens.


To people who may be exposed to hunger, the Head of State asked the Covid-19 Emergency Response Committee to mobilize funds and distribute foodstuff to them.

Uhuru also asked individuals and organisations that wish to donate to do so through the established committee.

The President said contributions to the emergency fund have reached Sh1 billion.

Consequently, Uhuru lauded Kenyans for being philanthropic.


On matters security, Uhuru cautioned government officers against laxity on their job.

"Any officer who breaches his duty to undermine the measure against the pandemic will be met with harsh sanction," said Uhuru.

The President also condemned Kenyans who assault security officers warning them that they will be dealt with accordingly.

Health Workers

For health officers at the frontline in the fight against the pandemic, Uhuru directed the Public Service Commission and the Ministry of Health to develop a comprehensive package.

The health package will cover remuneration and health cover, according to the Head of State.


To ensure Counties do not run out of medical resources, the President directed the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority(KEMSA) to give the devolved units a three-month waiver for supplies.

The waiver will support local sourcing of materials to combat Covid-19.

For vulnerable people, the President announced Sh5 billion to the counties that will be used to buy and distribute foodstuff and other resources to most affected people.

For the needy households in Nairobi, the President announced weekly stipends.

The elderly people will receive Sh 8.5 billion through the cash transfer program. The funds will be distributed over the next few months.


To help navigate a possible post Covid-19 recession, Uhuru said he would engage economic experts and other stakeholders to consider new or existing economic policies that can help Kenya thrive again.

The President said Kenya is engaging regional and global creditors to suspend its debts.

According to the Central Bank, Kenya owes external creditors Sh3.106 trillion.

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