Governors to conduct emergency Covid drills to stem rising cases

Wednesday, April 28th, 2021 00:00 | By
Council of Governors Health Committee chair Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o.

George Kebaso @Morarak

County governments have announced plans to conduct emergency Coronavirus drills to counter rising infections.

Council of Governors Health Committee chair Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o expressed concern even as counties strive to deal with a spike in infections, cases of misbehaviour, carelessness and breach of Covid-19 protocols among those who have been vaccinated were on the rise.

He cautioned that if this goes on, there is a likelihood of defeating efforts taken to reduce infections.

“Counties, in collaboration with the National Government through the County Intergovernmental Emergency Committees, will undertake drills to prepare for the worst case scenario so that we are not caught off-guard,” Prof Nyong’o said.

Emerging trend

He added: “But as we do this, there is an emerging trend where some individuals who have been vaccinated are no longer observing the Covid-19 measures due to the misguided notion that the vaccine guarantees immunity of contracting the virus. This will defeat efforts by both levels of Government,” Nyong’o warned.

He spoke to journalists as the Council received a donation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) valued at Sh100 million from the Covid-19 Action Fund for Africa linked to local partners Living Goods and Lwala Community Alliance.

The PPEs included 10 million surgical masks and 164,000 face shields.

“The above support will benefit 100,000 Community Health Volunteers in all the 47 counties for three months,” Nyong’o added.

The country started experiencing the Covid-19 third wave in February and had recorded 156,981 cases and 2,643 deaths by April 27.

Nyong’o said Kirinyaga, Nyeri, Nakuru and Meru counties among others are recording increased cases and respective county hospitals might be overwhelmed.

Yesterday, and indeed two weeks ago, governors were only able to report figures obtained from 31 counties, raising concerns on the status of 16 devolved units that are not submitting their data.

Nyong’o said, however, testing by counties has been compromised due to lack of testing kits.

 “We, therefore, urge the Ministry of Health to avail testing kits in order to upscale Covid-19 testing,” he added. 

However, on his part CoG Chairman Martin Wambora decried delays in disbursing funds to counties to help undertake some of these activities.

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