Couple spends Sh10 million to reveal baby’s gender on the Burj Khalifa

Saturday, September 12th, 2020 12:51 | By
The couple watch as the huge light show begins to count down from ten, before finally lighting up in bright blue with the words 'It's a boy'. PHOTO/COURTESY

How much would you spend to reveal the gender of your unborn child? A typical Kenyan gender-reveal party normally has a cake inscribed with the words 'It's a Boy/Girl', maids with matching dresses, and lots of foods and drinks. The theme colours may hint if the unborn is a boy or girl.

A couple in Dubai has skyrocketed the bar in revealing their baby's gender after placing it as an advert on the world's tallest building.

To place an advert on the Burj Khalifa, Arabian Business reports that prices start from AED250,000(Sh6.8 million).

Arab News reported that the Dubai couple paid an equivalent of Sh10 million to place their baby gender reveal on the Burj Khalifa. Although the couple denied having paid any amount, they thanked several partners in the video who are believed to have sponsored the event.

The influencer couple Asala Marwah and Anas who go as the 'Anasala Family' on YouTube shared the video on their channel which detailed their journey with the family to witness the event.

The video which is 15 minutes long climaxes with an image of the couple holding hands at the watch balcony, not far from Burj Khalifa and holding their daughter.

On You Tube, the couple has a whooping 7.76 million subscribers and the gender reveal video had amassed over 17 million views barely 72 hours later.

In the video advert, as the countdown ends from 10, the couple is overcome with emotions to see that they expect a baby boy. The mother and the grandmother of the unborn baby cry as the crowd behind them shout with joy.

The Daily Mail reported that the couple was just trying to create content that has never been seen before.

'My heart is beating, I feel it is going to pop out of my chest and I feel much more excited than my wedding day,' said Asala, as she headed to watch the show from a viewing spot next to the Dubai Fountain.

In December 2019, Kenya's flag was displayed at the iconic building for Jamhuri day celebrations.

Brand Kenya, however, revealed that the country did not pay any amount to place the advert.

"Kenya has enjoyed a cordial relationship with the UAE and for such the country saw it deeming to recognize and honor the Kenyan flag on the world’s tallest building during our Independence Day celebrations,” said Brand Kenya.

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