Court stops Cohen’s kin from handling his multi-million estate

Thursday, December 16th, 2021 06:35 | By
Tob Cohen’s widow Sarah Wairimu. Photo/PD/File
Tob Cohen’s widow Sarah Wairimu. Photo/PD/File

The High Court has temporarily stopped the family of the late tycoon Tob Cohen from handling his multi-million shilling estate.

Justice Mugure Thande of the Family Division ordered that the estate remains intact until two contested Wills are resolved.

“That pending hearing of the application, an order be issued suspending the grant of probate with Written Will issued on May 18, 2021 and restraining the respondents (Cohen’s brother Bernard and sister Gabriel) herein from utilising the said grant to deal in any manner with the estate of the late Tob Cohen,” ordered the judge.

She further ordered Sarah Wairimu (pictured), Cohen’s widow and lawyer Chege Kirundi to produce in court two Wills alleged to have been written by the deceased billionaire.

Thande directed the case to be heard both virtually and in open court in order to resolve the dispute over the two Wills.

Directives came after it emerged that two different Wills are in existence in relation to the late Cohen’s estate.

Yesterday, Wairimu, through lawyer Philip Murgor, claimed she has the original Will and the one held by Kirundi dated April 30, 2019 is a forgery, which authorities have refused to investigate. She argued that the alleged Will is intended to block her from inheriting the multimillion-shilling estate.

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