Court to rule on application to detain shooting suspects

By Alphonse Mungahu
Tuesday, August 25th, 2020
Chris Obure (left) and Robert Bodo at Kibera Law Courts. Photo/PD/FILE
In summary
    • Detectives from the DCI yesterday sought more days to detain businessman Chris Philip Obure and his bodyguard Robert Ouko Bodo in order to complete investigations.

A Kibera court will today rule on whether to allow police 14 days to continue detaining two suspects linked to the killing of a businessman in Kilimani.

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) yesterday sought more days to detain businessman Chris Philip Obure and his bodyguard Robert John Bodo in order to complete investigations.

Bodo is accused of fatally shooting Kelvin Ombati Omwenga on August 22 at Galana Suites Kilimani using Obure’s pistol.

Detectives, led by Inspector Bashir Boya, are yet to record statements from key witnesses and by the time they were charged, the autopsy had not been done.

The post-mortem was conducted yesterday by the Chief Government pathologist Johansen Oduor who said the victim died of a single bullet shot that went through the heart and punctured the left lung which then collapsed.

Detectives have also requested for CCTV footage from the Integrated Control and Command Centre (IC3) showing the movement of the motor vehicle that carried the deceased from the house to the hospital. The pathologist concluded that Omwenga died on the spot.

Firearms records

The DCI had also contacted the Firearms Licencing Board to obtain the records of the firearm and how it was acquired.

Also to be conducted is a phone analysis from the mobile service providers which will be forwarded to the Cyber Crimes Unit.

The firearm, the bullet head and the cartridge are also to be subjected to ballistic examination.

Detectives also want to obtain the previous criminal records of Obure and Bodo, obtain their samples for DNA analysis, and also take them for mental assessment to establish if they are fit to stand trial

Inspector Boya, in his affidavit, said they intended to charge the two with murder.

State prosecutor Allan Mogere earlier told Senior Principal Derick Kuto that the deceased was with other people who were his relatives on Saturday night.

Bodo then requested that he was ready to go to his home after having dinner and the deceased woke up from his seat and went to the bedroom together with the first respondent for a tall, according to the prosecutor.

After some time, a loud sound similar to that of a gunshot was heard from the bedroom of the deceased and Bodo came out that requested that he wanted to go somewhere.

He was however restrained by the brother of the deceased while others went to the bedroom of the deceased to see what had happened only to find out that the deceased was lying in a pool of blood on the floor.

Licensed owner

The court heard that the firearm belonged to Obure respondent who is a licensed firearm holder and became a mystery how the first respondent came to possess it.

Lawyer for the suspects PLO Lumumba and Kennedy Arum strongly opposed the police application for more days, arguing that the investigators have had sufficient time since the arrest of the two.

They said the two presented themselves at Kilimani police station and that they are willing to comply with any condition directed by the court, including reporting to  investigators.

The magistrate adjourned the ruling until today when he will deliver.

Footage from Santeu Plaza shows Ouko leaving the office block after collecting the gun moments before he joined Omwenga and his company.

After his arrest, Ouko led detectives to Obure’s office where the weapon, complete with 13 rounds of ammunition, was recovered. 

The gun is now the focus of investigations as police try to establish the circumstances under which Obure had it, despite being declared unfit about three years ago.

He reportedly brandished a gun inside B-Club following a scuffle over parking space and threatened to shoot a reveller.

He was disarmed and declared unfit to possess a weapon. A similar incident had happened the year before in a different club.