CS struggles to fight off social media onslaught

Monday, August 31st, 2020 14:07 | By
President Uhuru Kenyatta chairs a past Cabinet meeting at State House, Nairobi. PHOTO/File

CS struggles to fight off social media onslaught

A senior CS was astounded over the weekend after a social media frenzy painted him in negative light.

The CS, who was trending for a better part of Saturday and Sunday morning was forced to make an appearance at a social event to reassure his family and friends that he was still on the job.

It is said that his enemies, in and outside government were behind the story that caused discomfort in cabinet and to his family.

More awaits the CS this week as voices grow louder over the said scandal that has caught the nation’s imagination.

Mombasa politician in bid to cover crash

A powerful Mombasa family is being accused of frustrating efforts of victims of a recent accident in Mombasa.

The victims allege that the relative of a senior opposition politician who was flown abroad minutes after the accident was on the wrong and statements have not been taken to date.

The patient is alleged to have been speeding when the accident took place but police and his family are struggling to keep it under wraps.

Bloggers scatter after touching ‘raw nerve’

A bunch of bloggers who use their platforms to extort money from corporate executives and politicians has been crushed after they were rounded up towards the end of last week.

The bloggers, who thrive on innuendos and malice were caught on the wrong side of the law after they published a recent scandal involving a famous tender scandal.

They have all been scattered after the arrests and resultant investigations.


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