DCI now targets 9 Ruto staff in Kenei’s murder probe

Monday, March 9th, 2020 16:40 | By
DCI boss George Kinoti. Photo/PD/File

Homicide detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) will record statements from nine officials at the office of the Deputy President over the death of Sergeant Arnold Kipyegon Kenei.

The first part of the probe was to establish whether the officer committed suicide or was killed and now focus is on establishing the motive of the killing and the people involved.

On Thursday last week, the DCI boss George Kinoti revealed that it was murder, and not suicide as had earlier been reported, and claimed Kenei was killed in a stage-managed scene by  professional killers who embarked on a massive cover-up frustrating the efforts by the detectives to investigate the death.

DP William Ruto on Saturday, while attending Kenei’s burial concurred with the DCI that officer was murdered but said the death was aimed at undermining his office for political reasons.

“I am aware there is a huge scheme to demean and destroy my office. That I know and it is rather obvious,” Ruto said.

Detectives are piecing together evidence to establish the officials to be grilled and specific areas they are to address.

 Kinoti, and the head of Homicide unit Martin Nyuguto, who have been accused of bias, have however refused to comment on the status of the probe, only saying  they would do that with time.

Arms tender

Both the DCI and Ruto have insinuated that Kenei’s death was as a result of the fake Sh39 billion arms tender. 

Four suspects, including former Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa have been charged over the fraud.

Latest reports from the DP Ruto’s office indicate it had a lot of information regarding the death and the fake tender.

It is, however, not clear if Ruto would be willing to record his statement with an office he has already accused of not being impartial in conducting investigations.

Former Director of  Public Prosecutions Philip Murgor, said yesterday: “The ODPP or the IG of Police can appoint a new and independent team to investigate the matter” 

Political reasons

While Kinoti says the motive of the murder was simply to “safeguard, protect, insulate the source from the adverse involvement and attendance consequences using the country military procurement process in the most deceitful and fraudulent manner”, DP Ruto maintained that he was the target.

 “The DCI has been mobilised, for political reasons, to discredit and destroy my office with all manner nonsense and to bring me down.

Those in this scheme are boasting that I will not be there soon. Since the system cannot elect anybody, they can only kill,” he said.

Detectives have said the involvement of Kenei in the complex activities of February 13 at Harambee House Annex, clearly showed he didn’t have a chance.

“It is evident that throughout he was receiving instructions or orders or directions from a certain source,” Kinoti said.

DCI Kinoti had accused the DP’s office of frustrating the investigations in the initial stages by, for example, denying the detectives access to the server and only giving ‘edited’ footage.

The footage released, according to the detectives, did not capture the movement of the deceased officer and one of the suspects in the case, Daniel Omondi alias ‘General Juma’.

DP Ruto has accused the media and DCI of participating in what he has termed as a “criminal cover-up” of the murder.

Ruto demanded clear answers on how the police officer who was attached to his office was murdered.

“The truth must be found on why, how and who killed Sgt Kenei. The family, ODP, Kenyans want the truth & justice and culprits held to account.

“The drama, distortions, convenient half-truths and the smear campaigns in sponsored headlines amounts to criminal cover up,” Ruto tweeted.

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