Delay in CDF cash release c*mpromises education, lawmaker claims

Monday, February 26th, 2024 02:00 | By
Delay in CDF cash release compromises education, lawmaker claims
Kajiado East MP Kakuta ole Maimai. PHOTO/Print

Delay in distribution of National Government - Constituency Development (NG-CDF) has compromised access to education among Kajiado learners.

Kajiado East MP Kakuta ole Maimai said yesterday the number of learners stuck at home because of lack of school fees is alarming.

Speaking during the issuance of Sh18 million bursary cheques at Kitengela, the MP said besides low secondary schools transition as captured by the Ministry of Education learners who depend on the government kitty are likely to drop out of school thus worsening access to education.

Recently, the Ministry of Education ranked Kajiado as among counties with low secondary school transition reported to be at 64 per cent with over 10,000 2024 KCPE learners missing admissions.

Despite the mop-up exercise by the government to push for 100 per cent Form One transition, the legislator said identification of the students has been conducted but a big number of needy learners remain stuck at home due to financial constraints.

Key allocations

“All constituencies across the country have only received 30 per cent NG-CDF so far. The delay is a blow to leaders and affecting the quest for education among needy learners. The government should prioritise key allocations to avert compromising the education system. The future of communities and the future of the nation is dependent on the literacy levels of its people. The number of bursary applications is too high compared to available funds and that means a needy generation’s education is compromised,” said Kakuta.

The MP noted that he has embarked on construction of public day secondary schools to help boost needy families’ education.

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