DJ Evolve’s mother dies in Nairobi

Thursday, September 23rd, 2021 15:00 | By
Felix Orinda alias DJ Evolve.

Mary Hongo who is the mother to Felix Orinda famously known as DJ Evolve is dead.

People Daily Digital has established that Hongo died on Wednesday, September 22 after experiencing breathing difficulties.

She could later collapse at their home located in Lucky Summer Estate in Nairobi County.

However, efforts to rush her to hospital with the aim of saying her life did not bear any fruits.

Her husband, John Orinda said that at the time he was not at home and was only told that she was being rushed to hospital.

“I was not at home at the time when the incident took place. Everything happened so fast but we have it to God,” he said.

According to him, such incidents have been happening every other time and he never knew it would strike his home.

Orinda said that his wife and mother to kids was not ailing and she has been doing good as she took care of her son.

Immediately the DJ was informed about the incident, he also fainted throwing the family into more shock.

This comes exactly one month after Embakassi East Member of Parliament (MP) Babu Owino gave a status update of the DJ.

This is after a Facebook user challenged him to speak on how Orinda was doing in the comment section on a post where the MP posted on Facebook asking God to forgive him all his wrong doings.

DJ Evolve lives with hi brother in Fedha Estate and Babu stated that he was soon going to walk again as he was responding well to medication.

“He will walk soon. He’s doing well. Imebaki kidogo tu atembee (He will be walking soon),” said Owino.

Owino is accused of shooting the DJ at B club which is located in Kilimani.

The shooting of the DJ has seen him hit news headlines for the last two years.

In a CCTV footage that made rounds on social media, a man who is believed to be Owino was captured pulling a trigger while he was in company of four others.

On the table, their was a pot of shisha which the four were smoking.

Moments later he is seen pulling the DJ out of the club.

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