Drama in Parliament as MP Sankok c*rries his crutches while speaking, begs for protection from Babu Owino

Wednesday, December 29th, 2021 14:08 | By
Nominated MP Ole Sankok in Parliament last week. PHOTO/COURTESY

Drama was witnessed today at the National Assembly after nominated MP David Sankok begged the speaker to protect him from Embakasi East MP Babu Owino during the debate on the Political Parties Amendment Bill, 2021.

Sankok had risen on point of order to request the presiding Speaker to adjourn the session after observing that Covid-19 protocols were not being adhered to in the house.

He however carried his crutches all along and begged the Speaker to protect him against his colleague Babu Owino after he was asked to put down his walking aids.

"I cannot lower my crutches. I have seen Babu Owino and he can run away with my crutches again unless you protect me, Mr Speaker Sir," Sankok said.

On Friday, December 24, Owino said that he hid Sankok's crutches in what he explained was a safety precaution citing the rising tempers by Ruto allied MPs during a similar debate.

“Tangatanga MPs were debating with emotions. They could have used Hon. Sonkok crutches as weapon to unleash violence on us. I saw it prudent to hide them until they cool down,” Owino said in a tweet.

Deputy Speaker Moses Cheboi was forced to temporarily halt the proceedings and mount a search for the missing crutches.

“What is surprising is that you (Sankok) have been sitting there the whole time. If you have lost your crutches, you should have an idea of the person who has taken them and I will order them to be returned to you immediately,” Cheboi said moments before the crutches were found.

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