Eighth witness admits he li*d to ICC prosecutors

Thursday, March 24th, 2022 09:00 | By
Lawyer Paul Gicheru follows proceedings at the start of his trial at the ICC. Photo/Courtesy

The eighth witness in the trial of lawyer Paul Gicheru at The Hague yesterday admitted to having lied to the International Criminal Court investigators in Deputy President William Ruto’s post-election violence case.

Court heard that the witness had told investigators that he had seen Ruto with a gun and that the DP even demonstrated how to shoot people. Gicheru’s lawyer read transcripts of the witness where he claimed that there was a meeting at Ruto’s residence. Witness said at the end of the meeting, the DP called in some youthful leaders into a room and because he was very close to person number 56, he was also taken to the room too and he saw many cartons full of guns.

The witness claimed some of the youths had served in the army and had either retired or were terminated.

“Do you remember saying that to the investigators?’ asked defense Counsel. “Yes, I said that in the first meeting but it was not true,” he replied.  The case proceeds today.

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